Saturday, February 5, 2011


Dis gonna be good.

Black History Month: Jackie Ormes

Black History Month 2011: Matt Baker

Graphic History: About and by ladies

Wikipedia Ponders Its Gender-Skewed Contributions -

Yeah, Fuck, Throw another one on the pile

Here is a thought: Fuck this noise.

So, there’s this

Love Means Sometimes Having To Say You're Sorry

My Point, Here It Is

Are you pissed about Penny Arcade?

Crying About Maximoffs: Untitled

Let's talk about who's doing it right.

LMC Tournament: Round 2 results!

Tournament Tuesdays Round 3

Ladies Comics Project Phase II Books List

She Has No Head! – Ladies Comics Project: Phase II, Part One

The Struggles of Female Fans: Prudes Who Read the Same Two Books

Most Memorable Moments of Marvel Women


Warning: Rambling Vaguely Coherent Thoughts

Because The X-Men Need a Birds of Prey

Utterly Perplexing 'Ame-Comi' Costumes Revealed

Women and "The Sandman

Downloading Young Justice Episode 4.

DC Women Kicking Ass: Untitled

Super Mega Batgirl Review the seventeenth

A look back at the debut of Vixen

DC Women Kicking Ass On Wonder Woman TV Pilot Script

How the Wonder Woman MAC Make-up Ad Campaign Got Some Color

MAC Collaborations: 5 Super(s)heros We Want to See

Hey, That's My Cape! - Will WONDER WOMAN Work on TV Again?

Well No Wonder!"

Rumored Short List of Lois Lane Candidates Emerges

“Lois Lane” Story In 80-Page Giant A Result of The Twitter Campaign?

Lois Lane not the female lead in new Superman movie? A very concerning development

So, I found my Superman Movie deal-breaker

Heroes and the Press

3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 009

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