Saturday, February 12, 2011

2/12/11 Part 1

Hey, That's My Cape! – Meeting Oni Press' IVY

ProFile Fridays: Felicia D. Henderson

Nuanced Feminism: The Style and Appeal of ‘The New York Five'

even better than the real thing. comics, realism, and shame.

Tournament Tuesdays: Round 3 Results

Tournament Tuesdays: Round 4

Superhero Movies By The Numbers, An Infographic

The Best Romances in Comics

{firecrackers & maple syrup}: Untitled

Japan Debates Depictions of Young Girls in Comics

Batman and Robin #19: The Mansplainer Follow Up

A few words on Lois

This amuses me.

Spoiler Alert: I almost threw two comics from DC down in frustration today

Adventures of a Comic Book Girl: Untitled

Adventures of a Comic Book Girl: Question

Young Justice Episode 5

The Happy Sorceress: Untitled

Behind every Wonder Woman (or at least this one) there’s a Superman

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