Monday, February 14, 2011


A disconcerting trend regarding Wonder Woman

Are American Men too Wimpy to Play Superheroes

Black Widow

Casting Sheet for Wonder Woman TV Pilot

Comics Spotlight on Birds of Prey: Second Series

Connecting the Dots

Dear DC...

Dear MAC and DC: This is Truly Awful

End of January Comic reviews

Fantastic Four #1 Review

Interview with Antony Johnston – Part II

MAC Wonder Woman: Behind the Scenes

Of Themyscira and Mascara

Panel Of The Week – 2/9/11

“Postalgia”, or “How I Fell in Love With Janet van Dyne”.

They Gave My Feminist Icon a Makeover

This post uses gender neutral pronouns. deal with it.

Why I Stopped Buying Superhero Comics in 1992

What's up with...the ladies in comics movies

Why Wonder Woman Belongs on Television, Where Superheroines Thrive

Wonder Woman Leaked Script, New Television Series by David E. Kelley

Wonder Woman's persona-cycles

Wonder Woman's pilot script 'laughably bizarre'

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