Saturday, February 19, 2011


She Has No Head! – Ladies Comics Project: Phase II, Part Three

Ah, no.

Phil Hester on Wonder Woman in Superman #708, variant cover for Wonder Woman #607

What makes Wonder Woman Wonder Woman?

Is it too much to ask that we focus on an actress’ ability to act?

Why bother?

Hard to Argue with This.

2011 Glyph Comics Awards nominees announced

The Even All-NEWER All-New Diana Prince

Adrianne Palicki Has Been Cast As The New Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman audition tape reveals Diana Prince obsesses about her breasts being too small

Watch: Wonder Woman Audition Footage That Should Make Us All VERY Worried

More on Flashpoint and Wonder Woman

Please do not make this character into Hal Jordan

This is Wonder Woman

Black History Month 2011: Marguerite Abouet

ProFile Fridays Marguerite Abouet

Black History Month 2011: Afua Richardson

Wonder what Jill Thompson would do with Wonder Woman?

Fangirl Friday: Sarah

Ladies Making Comics: Untitled

The Jewish women of comics get graphic

Greatest Heroines: #31

Marvel announces some new titles with some top creators.

A Marvel Black History Lesson Pt. 1

Comics Pick of the Week: Jennifer Blood

Memorable Marvel Moment: Gertrude Yorkes Walks Into Fire

Memorable Marvel Moment: Mary Jean Beats the Chameleon

Memorable Marvel Moment: God Loves, Man Kills

3 Chicks Review Comics Episode 010
New Episode of “3 Chicks Review Comics” Podcast
Suffering Sappho! New Episode of “3 Chicks Review Comics” Podcast

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