Saturday, March 3, 2012


Chronology- The Hair of Miranda Mercury

Art and Superheroines: Getting Sex and Cape Comics Right


'Smut Peddler' Editor Spike Trotman Talks the Joy of Female-Created Sex Comics [Sex]

One Million Homophobic Moms Target Archie Comics And Toys R Us (UPDATED)

It had to happen: One Million Moms targets Archie’s gay marriage and Toys ‘r’ Us

One Million Moms Asks Toys R Us to pull Archie's Gay Marriage Comic

Archie Respond to AFA Protest

One Million Moms Threatens Anti-Gay Boycott of Toys 'R Us Over Archie's Kevin Keller

American Family Association targets Kevin Keller comics at Toys ‘R’ Us [Updated]
‘The most important new character in Archie history’: Kevin Keller marriage issue sells out

One Million Moms Protest Comics

Please, stop saying “gay marriage”
YATA! It's Chris: Untitled

Women in Comics – JL Straw

Women in Comics – Jade Sarson

I Don’t Dig ‘Comic Book Men’.

Si Spurrier Makes A Stand For Panel Parity Of Gender. By Standing Down.

Cross Assault participant says that without sexual harassment of female players, fighting games aren't fighting games

“What is unacceptable about that? There’s nothing unacceptable about that.”

The Walking Talking Dead

The Walking Dead Season Two, Episode Ten: 18 Miles Out

Adventures of a Comic Book Girl: Untitled
Why Wondy is awesome pt 1- she's unique and the opposite of useless
Why Wondy is awesome pt 2- she's a badass

Every Damn Time

Tribe Size?

Profile Friday Himilce Novas

Glasgow Film Festival: Women in Comics Panel (Full and Uncut)


How a Three-Year-Old Girl Introduced Her Dad to Superhero Comics

Lt. Potter and Sexual Harassment

Femmes Formidables looks at powerful, fictional women in history

Quick Question

3 Chicks Review Comics -- Episode 036