Saturday, November 19, 2011


On Comics and Gender

Victoria's Secret Angels Get Superheroic in Annual Fashion Show Preview

Chicks Dig Comics

Kick Ass Tournament Final Four: The case for Cass Cain
Kick Ass Tournament Final Four: The case for Stephanie Brown
Kick Ass Tournament Final Four: The case for Zatanna
Kick Ass Tournament Final Four: The case for Wonder Woman

Justice League #3 puts Wonder Woman back into the league's origin
The Justice League Meet Wonder Woman
The last time Wonder Woman got introduced to the League

The idea that X-23 didn't "count" as a title with a female protagonist is ridiculous.

Newsarama talks to some of the main ladies behind Womanthology (Autoplay Warning)

First Pages from 'Womanthology' Begin to Roll In [Preview]

Marvel, What Are You Doing?

What Could've Been: A Black Widow Solo Film

Ai Shiteru: Untitled

So I'm Watching Wonder Woman...

Hey, That's My Cape! - At Marvel, It's Reigning Men

Marvel's Female Problem

X-23 Has Been Cancelled

Wonder Woman gets a new origin story and a dad

Parting Shot: Harley Quinn Jokes That Her Vagina is a Clown Car in 'Suicide Squad'

Melissa Rosenberg would rather write Jessica Jones than Wonder Woman

Somehow, this is the same character

Comics that don't suck

Boom! Town To Publish "Dave Sim’s Last Girlfriend"

The New 52: Catwoman

ProFile Friday: #NativeNovember Edition: Andrea Grant

ProFile Friday - #NativeNovember Edition Weshoyot Alvitre

My 12 Comic Birthday Wishes

All-Star Comics #8 and The Fantastic Four #1

3 Chicks Review Comics -- Episode 030

Monday, November 14, 2011

Manga edition for Nov 14, 2011

Princess Knight, Vol. 1

Episode #51- Princess Knight Volume 1 with Fred Schodt and Helen McCarthy

Princess Knight

Princess Knight volume 1 review

Princess Knight vol. 1

Princess Knight Book 1 — Recommended

The First Yuri Manga: Shiroi Heya no Futari

Yuri Manga: Private Lesson (プライベート レッスン)

Otomen vol. 1-8 – Aya Kanno

Itazura na Kiss 6

A Bride’s Story, Vol. 2

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon vol. 1 – Naoko Takeuchi

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 1 Manga Review

Sailor Moon 1

Fruits for thoughts, again…


Not Your Saturday Morning Cartoon: Revolutionary Girl Utena and Puella Magia Madoka Magica

Horror MMF: Ladies of J-Horror

Temari: showing us what a girl from shonen manga can do


Joss Whedon Talks About His Strong Female Obsession And How Sad He Still Is About Wonder Woman

LBCC: Womanthology Panel

On not being OK

Super T&A: The Problem with Starfire, DC Comics’s Controversial Superheroine

The Catwoman controversy: sexism in Batman: Arkham City?

What Men’s Fitness’ Hate-On About Cosplay Teaches Us: Sexism Hurts Everyone

What's so sexy about a broken spine?

Who The New Readers Are In The Comic Book Industry

Why Can’t We Just Play Nice? – Racism & Sexism in Video Games

Yay, Geometry: An Interview With Joss Whedon