Sunday, February 26, 2012


Supergirl to star in animated shorts on Cartoon Network in 2012

Another Word for Myth: Untitled

No, It's Not Equal

Women in Comics: "Keeping female characters at this simple level also limits the male characters."

First look: Womanthology

Balloonless | Jackie Ormes: The First African American Woman Cartoonist

ProFile Friday Carol M. Burrell

Why won't DCWomenkickingass acknowledge their continued ableism?

More info on our Ladies Comic Book Nights

Women in Comics – Danielle Corsetto

Women in Comics – Alexia Othonaiou

Women in Comics: Tokenism

How My Little Pony’s Lauren Faust will make you love Batgirl and Supergirl all over again

YATA! It's Chris: Untitled

Next Week's Featured Event

Women made up 23% of DC's online readership survey, but DC thinks 7% is more accurate

Kick Ass Women in Comics

Art and Superheroines: Psylocke as Drawn by Greg Land vs. Jerome Opena

Reviewsy Bits

Autostraddle presents An Introductory Guide to Comics for Lesbians

The inequality of women and men in comic art

Jack Kirby's Erotic Flirtations: The Sensual Side of the King of Comics [Sex]

American Yaoi: A Look at Three Man-on-Man Webcomics for Women [Sex]

'Small Favors': A Girly Porno Comic about a Woman in Love with her Conscience [Sex]

'Stuff About Sex': Preview the Top Shelf Digital-Only Sex Ed Comic for Young Men [Sex]

Ross Campbell Talks Curvy Girls, Sexy Boys And Warrior Women [Sex]

Watch the trailer for the documentary Wonder Women!

Grumpy Old Fan | Talking Catwoman with Michael
Women of Action | Catwoman (feat. Grumpy Old Fan)

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Women in Comics: Kapow! No Women at Cons

She Has No Head! -- A Love Letter to Buffy

Power Girl loses here trademark "boob window" in new costume design

So that new Power Girl costume

When do you say, "enough"?

Re: my last ask

Without the aid of a net! Untitled

I think that Nielsen Survey...

This is so babies: Untitled

DC's Rood Breaks Down Reader Survey

DC Comics’ John Rood on those Survey numbers

Women in Comics: Kapow! The Women Are Here

In Response To COMIC BOOK MEN.

Round Two: Favorite Stories Starring Women

Art and Superheroines: When Over-Sexualization Kills the Story [Sex]

Womanthology: Heroic and Changing Comics

Kevin Smith on Lack of Women on AMC Comic Book Show: ‘That’s Reality’

Things of yesterday, today and Tomorrow: Untitled

Women Don't Read Comics says DC and Kevin Smith

Ask Maridee: Women Don't Read Comics says DC and Kevin Smith

ProFile Friday Leilani Hickerson

Interviewsy Bits

(Our Ladies Comic Book Night posters)

The two disappointments of Lily Renée, Escape Artist

Who Is The Most Progressive Publisher In Western Comics?

Women in Comics: New Power Girl Costume to Attract New Readers?

Multiversity Comics Presents: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Women in Comics: Women Guests at LSCC

2012 May DC Drunk Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less

Do You Understand Men?

Chain Reactions | Glory #23

To certain bronies

no one is an island

George Perez and Kevin Maguire on Power Girl’s costume redesign

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Manga Update for Sunday Feb 12 2012

Let’s Judge Books by their Covers: CLAMP

Tidbits: A Trio of Kodansha Shoujo

Artist Spotlight: Arina Tanemura

Wrapping it up with Ribon Magazine

Shoujo I’m Scared Of: Sailor Moon, Vol.1

Gorgeous Carat Galaxy

The Eroicaverse: El Halcon

Eroicaverse 3: Seven Seas, Seven Skies

MMF: Usamaru Furuya’s Genkaku Picasso & Why It’s Currently the Only Shounen Manga on My Shelves

Dawn of the Arcana, Vols. 1-2

A Devil and Her Love Song, Vol. 1

Yuri Manga: Seasons (シーズンズ)

Sailor Moon Manga Moveable Feast

Hana Kimi 3 in 1 Edition

House of 1000 Manga: Mars

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 3

Princess Knight Volume 1

Hyakusho Kizoku, Vol. 1

Manga Review: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Spotlight: Kaoru Mori

Otomen 8

A Devil and Her Love Song, Vol. 1

Kimi Ni Todoke: The Crown Jewel of Shoujo Manga

Manga Review: A Bride’s Story Vol 1-2

Manga Review: Anesthesiologist Hana Vol 1

Lifting Our Heads for a Little Kiss

Manga Review: Swan

The Great Power of the Fujoshi

Review: Wandering Son (Vol. 01)


Inspiring Women in Comics

ProFile Friday Patrice Aggs

Another Interview Round-Up!

Women in Comics – Liz Prince

Interview: Amy Reeder talks Batwoman

Round Two: commence voting

Beast of the Sea, I don’t know who you are, since you only contribute Anonymously, but I love you more than words can ever express.

DC gives us another super gay issue of "Batwoman" and another queer superhero in "Birds of Prey"

Comic Charm: Untitled

Previews for Gays, February 2012

SpiderGirl Jerusalem -- An Interview with Laura Sneddon

DC Comics The New 52 Product Launch Research Results

DC Comics' Readers Survey Reports 'New 52' Readership 93% Male, Only 5% New Readers [Updated]

DC Comics Nielsen Survey Results Are In, They Are Interesting

DC Releases Nielsen survey numbers; few new readers, female readership declines

DC Nielson Survey and Why I DON’T Believe the Results Mean Anything

The results are in and DC Comics is struggling to understand them

DC Nielsen Survey Results make it official: New 52 reboot is a failure

DC’s Readers Are Old, Male (Official)

DC’s New 52 appealed to avid and lapsed readers, survey finds

3 Chicks Review Comics -- Episode 035