Saturday, February 26, 2011


Popular comics with female leads

Falling Through the Sea of Holes: Untitled

Ladies Making Comics

This was actually a good love interest for the embodiment of truth.

3CRC Chick of the Week: Colleen Coover

Black History Month 2011: Carol Burrell

With MAC’s Wonder Woman make-up a success, some other ways to merchandise DC’s female heroes

Casting agents say superheroes are played by British people because American men are wusses now

"More Acceptable?" No.

Wonder Woman pilot getting tweaked, new characters added

Christina Hendricks Talks 'All Star Superman,' DC Heroines, And Joss Whedon's 'Avengers'

Another reason I’ll miss Dwayne McDuffie

R.I.P. Dwayne McDuffie

Tribute: Dwayne McDuffie

I’m Looking At You

Trampling Through the Brush: Untitled

Young Justice, it’s not just for boys!

The Not So Many Loves of Wonder Woman: Aquaman

Is there a quota or something?

She Has No Head! – Ladies Comics Project: Phase II, Part Four


ProFile Friday Afua Richardson

Jenette Kahn

Ladies Making Comics Tournament: Round 5!

Chuck Dixon’s script for Birds of Prey #21

Ape in a Cape Q & A

A New Approach to Superheroic Diversity

Tiny But Loud

This is not an effective way to recapture the Golden Age appeal of Wonder Woman

Memorable Marvel Moment: Jean Grey sacrificing herself

Ape in a Cape: Untitled

Memorable Marvel Moment: Storm Discovers Her New Self

Memorable Marvel Moment: Kitty Pryde vs the N’Garai Demon

77% Recycled From Other Tumblrs Q&A

Christina Hendricks Brings Lois Life in ALL-STAR SUPERMAN

3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 011

Saturday, February 19, 2011


She Has No Head! – Ladies Comics Project: Phase II, Part Three

Ah, no.

Phil Hester on Wonder Woman in Superman #708, variant cover for Wonder Woman #607

What makes Wonder Woman Wonder Woman?

Is it too much to ask that we focus on an actress’ ability to act?

Why bother?

Hard to Argue with This.

2011 Glyph Comics Awards nominees announced

The Even All-NEWER All-New Diana Prince

Adrianne Palicki Has Been Cast As The New Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman audition tape reveals Diana Prince obsesses about her breasts being too small

Watch: Wonder Woman Audition Footage That Should Make Us All VERY Worried

More on Flashpoint and Wonder Woman

Please do not make this character into Hal Jordan

This is Wonder Woman

Black History Month 2011: Marguerite Abouet

ProFile Fridays Marguerite Abouet

Black History Month 2011: Afua Richardson

Wonder what Jill Thompson would do with Wonder Woman?

Fangirl Friday: Sarah

Ladies Making Comics: Untitled

The Jewish women of comics get graphic

Greatest Heroines: #31

Marvel announces some new titles with some top creators.

A Marvel Black History Lesson Pt. 1

Comics Pick of the Week: Jennifer Blood

Memorable Marvel Moment: Gertrude Yorkes Walks Into Fire

Memorable Marvel Moment: Mary Jean Beats the Chameleon

Memorable Marvel Moment: God Loves, Man Kills

3 Chicks Review Comics Episode 010
New Episode of “3 Chicks Review Comics” Podcast
Suffering Sappho! New Episode of “3 Chicks Review Comics” Podcast

Saturday, February 12, 2011

2/12/11 Part 2

Here’s the first appearance of Wonder Woman outside her own book from the Perez reboot

Wonder Woman's persona-cycles

Oh, for fuck's sake.

I don't even have the words. (Comments)

Wow, Superman #708 = heated discussions

Wow, Superman #708 = heated discussions (2)

'Wonder Woman' Pilot Script Review: The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

Wonder Woman Rescues Plain Janes with Makeup in MAC Ad [Video]

I have been making use of DC’s new letter thang

Immonen and Captain America's Lucky Number "Thirteen"

Where Nothing Ever Burns: Untitled

Where Nothing Ever Burns: Untitled (2)

Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger: Race in Roger Stern's Forever Allies

Mike Carey on Age of X: Alpha...

Women of Marvel #1 and #2 Comic Book Reviews

I’m actually a little offended by New Avengers 9: Penciller Mike Deodato

Dr. Faiza Hussein becomes the weilder of Excalibur

Rogue kissing the window of a plane…

2/12/11 Part 1

Hey, That's My Cape! – Meeting Oni Press' IVY

ProFile Fridays: Felicia D. Henderson

Nuanced Feminism: The Style and Appeal of ‘The New York Five'

even better than the real thing. comics, realism, and shame.

Tournament Tuesdays: Round 3 Results

Tournament Tuesdays: Round 4

Superhero Movies By The Numbers, An Infographic

The Best Romances in Comics

{firecrackers & maple syrup}: Untitled

Japan Debates Depictions of Young Girls in Comics

Batman and Robin #19: The Mansplainer Follow Up

A few words on Lois

This amuses me.

Spoiler Alert: I almost threw two comics from DC down in frustration today

Adventures of a Comic Book Girl: Untitled

Adventures of a Comic Book Girl: Question

Young Justice Episode 5

The Happy Sorceress: Untitled

Behind every Wonder Woman (or at least this one) there’s a Superman

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Dis gonna be good.

Black History Month: Jackie Ormes

Black History Month 2011: Matt Baker

Graphic History: About and by ladies

Wikipedia Ponders Its Gender-Skewed Contributions -

Yeah, Fuck, Throw another one on the pile

Here is a thought: Fuck this noise.

So, there’s this

Love Means Sometimes Having To Say You're Sorry

My Point, Here It Is

Are you pissed about Penny Arcade?

Crying About Maximoffs: Untitled

Let's talk about who's doing it right.

LMC Tournament: Round 2 results!

Tournament Tuesdays Round 3

Ladies Comics Project Phase II Books List

She Has No Head! – Ladies Comics Project: Phase II, Part One

The Struggles of Female Fans: Prudes Who Read the Same Two Books

Most Memorable Moments of Marvel Women


Warning: Rambling Vaguely Coherent Thoughts

Because The X-Men Need a Birds of Prey

Utterly Perplexing 'Ame-Comi' Costumes Revealed

Women and "The Sandman

Downloading Young Justice Episode 4.

DC Women Kicking Ass: Untitled

Super Mega Batgirl Review the seventeenth

A look back at the debut of Vixen

DC Women Kicking Ass On Wonder Woman TV Pilot Script

How the Wonder Woman MAC Make-up Ad Campaign Got Some Color

MAC Collaborations: 5 Super(s)heros We Want to See

Hey, That's My Cape! - Will WONDER WOMAN Work on TV Again?

Well No Wonder!"

Rumored Short List of Lois Lane Candidates Emerges

“Lois Lane” Story In 80-Page Giant A Result of The Twitter Campaign?

Lois Lane not the female lead in new Superman movie? A very concerning development

So, I found my Superman Movie deal-breaker

Heroes and the Press

3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 009

Manga Update for Sat, Feb 5th

Riyoko Ikeda Performs at Versailles

Alphabetical Ayako

Portrait of M & N Volume 4

Peepo Choo GN 3

Review: Highschool of the Dead Vol 1 by Daisuke Sato & Shouji Sato

Eensy Weensy Monster 1 by Masami Tsuda: B

Off the Shelf: Boobalicious

Made in Heaven: Kazemichi and Juri

Your & My Secret 6

Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus, Vol. 1

The Akiko Higashimura license pool

How to train your woman : Ownership and the 'pet girl' in anime

Bakuman 1

Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko)