Saturday, July 30, 2011


An Interview with the Batgirl of the SDCC panels

Brilliant, Brilliant blog post FAO @stevenmoffatt

Chris Haley is... The Enthusiast!

Comic-Con announcement reaction-o-rama!

Cookie Baking Bitch: Untitled

DC Comics Listens to Batgirl, Makes Changes

DC Comics makes statement on female characters, creators

The first female superheroes

Ladies Making Comics: Untitled

Ladies Making Comics: Untitled (2)

Ladies Making Comics: Untitled (3)

Ladies Making Comics: Untitled (4)

'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, 1969': The Story Isn't There

Multiversity 101: The DCnU vs. Diversity - Myths and Realities

The New DC and Women (Other People Have Said It Better, But I Wanted To Type.)

on voodoo, ron marz, black women, & comics [somebody call sandman sims]

Petition: "DC Comics: Hire More Women-- Here's A Few To Get You Started"

Post Mortem on the Whole Con Thing

The Power Within

ProFile Friday: Melinda Gebbie

Project: DCnU Ladyprojects

Samantha Newark (JEM!) Album Cover Contest!

San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay Spotlight: Gender Bent Justice League

SCOOP: What really happened at the infamous Dan DiDio/Hire More Women incident

SDCC Fallout: Lois Lane, Female Creators and DC Comics

Sexism, Courage and Heroism: truth to power isn't bullying

So, wait a second.

There Are Actually LESS Female Characters In The DC Relaunch Than There Are Now

Total Randomness: Untitled

Total Randomness: Untitled (2)

We Hear You

Wherein I talk about Wonder Woman’s underpants.

Women and comics - the best of frienemies

Women Comic Book Creators Find a Home on Kickstarter

Women in Comics: The New 52 and the Batgirl of San Diego

Women in the DCnU - more or less? Why it matters and who cares?

Yes, Actually, I Do

Saturday, July 16, 2011


18-34 year old men indeed, DC Comics

ComicsAlliance Reviews: The Fashion of 'Batman & Robin'

Comically Aware

DC’s racefail, featuring Cass Cain

DC-Women-Kicking-Ass Tell DC: Pick Up the Money Sitting on the Table

DC writer talks about killing Stephanie Brown in War Games: “it was really seedy”

Frank Miller Owns Batman: “thank you. i love you.”

Green Lantern is Readable Again

I'll ask about Steph/Cass then.

Independent Comic Book By Women Raises Over $54,000 in Funding

Is DC gunning for big sales in October?

Is October Boobtober for DC this year?

Is this the triumphant return of Wonder Woman’s star-spangled shorts?

La Bomba, Paw-Pee, Chew-Low: Untitled

Ladies Making Comics: Untitled

Off My Mind: Does Lois Lane Have Secret Superpowers?

On Gender & Race In "Fear Itself" # 4 & "Flashpoint" # 3 :- "Don't Say That's Just For White Boys."

Parting Shot: Cover Displays More of the Red Hood's... Area Than We Ever Expected to See

The Rapid Rise of "Womanthology"

Review: Book of Lilah – Kickstarter

SPOILER ALERT: The cover of Green Lantern #1 revealed!!!


Without the Aid of a Net: Untitled

THE WOMAN BEHIND ‘WOMANTHOLOGY’: Renae De Liz sees inspiration blossom for 140 female artists

Womanthology: A Massive, All-Female Comics Anthology


WOMANTHOLOGY: An Indie Sensation Before Publication

Women in Comics Spotlight – Kim Yale

Women in Comics – Spotlight series!


Saturday, July 9, 2011


Archie Comics Sues Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit for Sexual Harassment

Aspire and Womanthology Yee Haw!!!!


Catwoman needs plunging cleavage to be sexy? Zip it!

Cookie baking bitch: Untitled

DC Female Creators at SDCC: Table for One, Redux

Devin Grayson

Flashpoint: JLA!

Flashpoint reboot: Ridiculous

First Glimpse at Catwoman from Batman:Year One short

Hard to Keep Up Enthusiasm

Help Womanthology reach $50,000!

Hey, That's My Cape! - DC Social Media Needs Some Help

IDW’s Womanthology

Independent Women in Comics Anthology Finds Funding in One Day

Indigonieromancy: Untitled

Is there life after marriage in comics? (Via)

J.H. Williams III on Batwoman: “a wild ride”

Open Letter to DC Comics, Part 3: Marketing Fail, Or Why Not Go After Truly New Readers?

Previews for Gays: July 2011

Quote of the day | Corrina Lawson, on DC Comics and female readers

Reyoshockwave: Untitled

Robot Reviews | Captain Easy Vol. 2

Rumor: Wonder Woman Film in 2013?

That cover to Batgirl #2 - is Barbara Gordon being “deaged”?

Total Randomness: Untitled (1)

Total Randomness: Untitled (2)

VIDEO SHELF FRIDAY: ‘Womanthology’ roars, ‘Batman’ soars — and News of the World is floored

Will We see a Wonder Woman movie in 2013?

Womanthology offers a new way for to showcase and support Women in Comics

Womanthology raises $27,000 overnight. Are you listening Marvel and DC?

Women in Elevators

Women and superheroes: We’re just not that into you?

Wonder Woman, Red Sonja, and Xena: Warrior Princess walk into a girls’ locker room…