Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Too annoyed not to post again

100 Sexiest and Baddest Characters in Comics Review!

DC to Make an Existing Character Gay


Dammit, Quesada

Joe Quesada on female led Marvel movies

Putting the "fun" back into "functional weaponry."

About the Black Widow movie and the female lead SNAFU from Quesada

Greg Rucka rips Hollywood and Comics a New One

Why I loved Black Widow’s portrayal so much

She Has No Head! – Dear Marvel: Please Stop Ruining Everything

DC says Gay Character will be Male and “Iconic”

The Original Supergirl (1962 -1986 - 198- ) The 12 Greatest Super-Heroines (No. 2:a)

Whedon and Women

DC’s new gay character will be ‘major,’ ‘iconic’ — and apparently male

Roundtable: Marvel’s The Avengers

How can I explain myself?

Wait! Quesada says Ms. Marvel movie script written and ready

And Speaking of Gay Characters in Comics …

Congratulations Northstar And Kyle (Who Doesn’t Have A Cool Superhero Name, I Guess)

We Didn't Like The Avengers And We're Okay With That, Part 2

Oh God, Tuesday!

A shoutout to the Rogue Haters, and an explanation to those who have no clue as to what is going on in the Rogue Fandom or what the hell I’m talking about.

Clark and Lois are NOT inevitable - Matt Idelson Superman Editor.

Let's Be Honest: Idelson Hasn't Let Clark And Lois Happen FOR YEARS

Truth, Justice, and the American Gay!

Last of the vacation backlog. Back to normal schedule this weekend, I hope. --R.