Sunday, June 3, 2012

Alan Scott Links

This is just a few links, but really this one is as big as Batwoman, so I decided to split it out. Feel free to drop anything pertinent in the comments for the next roundup. --R

The Mystery Is Over

Green Lantern comes out as gay in DC Comics' 'Earth Two'

The Most Clueless Online Reactions To Green Lantern Being Gay

DC Makes it Official - Alan Scott, Green Lantern of Earth 2, is Gay

My Last Word On This

Great Scott

One Million Moms drops off Facebook after Green Lantern post backfires

Green Lantern revived as gay hero

Green Lantern relaunched as brave, mighty and gay

Green Lantern and Alan Scott catch fire on Twitter


Alan Scott...?

Earth Two’s Green Lantern Is Gay OR People Who Didn’t Know Who Alan Scott Was Yesterday Are Mysteriously Outraged

I’m Not Mad, Just Disappointed

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  1. Ifanboy,com had what I thought was a great article on the subject.

    If I might be shameless, there was also my own thoughts...

    and an article I wrote before the announcement arguing the case for a gay or bi-sexual Superman....