Sunday, June 3, 2012


Miranda Mercury

On Shipping and Fanboys
On Shipping, Fanboys, and Feminism (Again)

Escher Girls: Untitled

Escher Girls: Untitled (2)
From Race Cars to Donuts
Escher Girls: Untitled (3)
From One Former Fifteen Year Old Boy to Another: Piss Off

Ape in a Cape: Untitled

Certain Shades of Limelight: Untitled
Certain Shades of Limelight: Untitled (2)

The Problem Of Women In Comics: Where They Are (and Aren't) [Opinion]

Thoughts on Gay Marriage, Comics and Representation

Ask Chris #108: The Trouble With 'Gunsmith Cats'

Geek Girl On The Street Reports: I Am (Intelligent) Woman, Hear Me Phowar!

Steph could’ve been the answer

The other side of the argument and then some…

Of Rivers Wide: Untitled

Me: Untitled

Who is it Really For?

Emily S. Whitten: It’s Hard Out There for a (Fan)girl, part 1 – I Would Like to Buy a Shirt, Please

Women in Comics: DC vs Marvel, The Bechdel Test (comments)

Helena Wayne: Untitled

Year 1969: Vampirella

Out Today: Wonder Woman, Volume One: Blood

And Now a Little Something for the *Ladies*…

New DC Video Game headlines Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn

New DC Comics Promotional Bookmark

The Year in Comics, Week 21: Spandex: Fast and Hard by Martin Eden

What's Wrong With You? The Gay and DC Comics

Why Superman should be gay (or at least bi-sexual)

Green Lantern is gay - That's a good thing

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