Saturday, June 9, 2012


The Bird and the Bat: Untitled

No Day But Today

NolanCatwoman: an ‘in’ for growing lady readership?

Pitch me: Underrated comics!

People on facebook were complaining so I made this.

Oozing of Onslaughttitude: I Guess I Shouldn't Be Surprised

A Trans Girl’s Guide To Gotham

Update you don't care about

The DC Encyclopedia is under the impression that Dick and Tarantula had a “tempestuous affair”

Q&A #159: Who would you genderswap?

Pro-gay group springs up after One Million Moms’ Facebook defeat

Maybe They Should Just Give Up

Comics Alliance: Inking Outside the Box

Bad Guys Have the Worst AIM!

Queen & Country Writer Greg Rucka on Women in Hollywood (And Comics)

Why Gay Alan Scott Doesn't Bother Me

Mike Gold: Truth, Justice, and Spinelessness

Interview: James Robinson Reveals DC's Latest LGBT Character

Fuck Yeah Black Widow: Untitled

Northstar wedding ‘was in the works’ in Alpha Flight, Eaglesham says [Updated]

Northstar’s Wedding Was Originally Happening Elsewhere…?

Marvel’s gay wedding storyline was originally going to appear in Alpha Flight

Batman gets a female artist for one issue; Becky Cloonan to draw issue #12

More on that Wonder Woman movie script being written

i'm rich in soul: untitled

Ape in a CapeL Untitled

Women in Cape Comics: Doing it Wrong and Doing it Right

Year 1970: Valkyrie

Amethyst Reboot News

3 Chicks Review Comics: Episode 040

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