Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday Night Edition

2 Chicks Review Comics - Episode 027

A look at DC's Batman Panel at NYCC

Accentuate the Positive

Amy Reeder Wasn't At NYCC's Bat-Panel OR Seriously, DC?

Ann Nocenti to Write for Green Arrow

Batgirl AND Batwoman? How did we get to this?

Classic Derailing!

Coming Soon: Daddy Issues

ComicsAlliance Reviews Every Book in DC's New 52: Week 4

Cover to Wonder Woman #5; Wonder Woman #1 breaks 100K

DC names Ann Nocenti new head writer on Green Arrow

Exclusive: Scott Lobdell Talks "Red Hood And The Outlaws" Post-Craziness

Female Super-Hero Characters and Sex: Creators Explain How Comics Can Do Better

Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman series could debut in 2012

Jugglinks: Wonder Woman is a [Spoiler] Edition

Kate Beaton Sums Up Her Historiography

Move Over, Boys: 10 FEMALE Superheroes Who Need Movies

NYCC 2011: WOMEN of MARVEL Panel

NYCC 2011: Women of WOMANTHOLOGY Panel LIVE!

NYCC’s Women of Marvel panel or why I love Kelly Sue DeConnick

Of Rivers Wide...When Batwoman...

Oh. My. God.

re: Wonder Woman’s new origin
re: Wonder Woman's new origin

Scott Lobdell LOLs at your Starfire "teeth gnashing"

Some Personal Highlights From Geek Girl Con

Sunday Runaround: The Disappearance of Thor...And Amy Reeder?

tell me something i haven't heard

The math of the characters of the new 52

The Nature of Sex and Sexism in the DCnU

The New Wonder Woman Origin: Why Did It Take So Long?

The Patriarchy has you

The Question of Greatness in Comics

What the Joker Was Doing Naked

Why Captain America is Better than First Class and Thor

Women in Comics: Women in the New 52 Reviewed

Wonder Woman's New Origin

Wonder Woman’s Origins Revised – She Has A Dad Now

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