Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Night Dispatch

3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 028

A Hopefully Helpful Thread

About Catman

An Open Letter to DC Comics

An Open Letter to Scott Lobdell

Ask Chris #77: The Greatest Comic Book Monster Hunter Ever

Because I Just Don't Know

Comics Needs Women: Why Marvel and DC Should Have Been at Geek Girl Con

Contest Winner Heather Kenealy to Write Stan Lee’s Webcomic “The Seekers”

Demon Knights #2: So ridiculous it works!

Fandom and Dick Grayson’s Glorious Ass

Flashback Friday: Gotham Girls

Fount of all Knowledge, chec my flow

Grant Morrison Says His 2012 Wonder Woman Series “Needs Sex”

Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman To Bind Fetish And Feminism In 2012

Huntress #1: Actual CLOTHING!

I Never Considered Myself a Feminist

It was so sad when Batman's uncle died

Marz & Basri's "Voodoo":- The Best Of The New DC? (Part 2)

NYCC ‘11: Womanthology Panel

NYCC 2011: Women of WOMANTHOLOGY Panel LIVE!

NYCC ’ 11: Women of Marvel Panel

NYCC 2011: WOMEN of MARVEL Panel

Oct 16 '11

October 24, 2011

Radio Rashy: Arkham City (mention of Arleen Sorkin)

Recovering From A Hangover With The Women Of Marvel

Scott Lobdell And The First Rule Of Holes

SCOTT LOBDELL on RED HOOD, STARFIRE, Sex & Gender Inequality

Should Jean Grey Come Back?

There's a Lot of B*tching About Catwoman in 'Arkham City'

To the girls who actually know comic book characters
To the girls who actually know comic book characters

Where My Girls At? NYCC, Actually

Women in Hollywood Links

Wonder Woman:Pre-Demi-Goddess

You know I was once a jerk and asked a girl if she knew anything about comics bc she was wearing a Batman shirt

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