Sunday, July 24, 2011


Comic Con Pervs: So why this is A Thing

Comics, Marketing and Me

DC Comics SDCC panels: uncomfortable questions about female creators/characters

DC talks about upcoming lesbian and gay characters in the reboot…

Didio and Lee on the DCnU: “Barbara Gordon was always going to be the strongest Batgirl”

Exclusive: Interview with Grant Morrison & Signed Supergods Giveaway

goddammit, DC

Help me cover SDCC!

Interesting tidbits from the Justice League panel

Ladies Making Comics: Untitled

Ladies Winning Eisner Awards


Looks like Renee will be in the DCnU; Dan Didio on DC and LGBT characters

Marvel developing female led TV properties

Marvel. Take my money already!

Mope mope mope

My Five Favorite Wonder Woman Artists

My(*possibly wildly inaccurate) Armchair Analysis of the Comics Industry

oh god i'm turning into one of those fans


SDCC Day One: why I’m kinda sad

SDCC: DC Comics: The New 52 – Thursday Panel

That Wonder Woman Pilot: No wonder this didn’t get picked up

Trina Robbins on Comics Heroines, Feminism, and Lacy Underthings

Why Grant Morrison doesn’t understand Lois Lane and Clark Kent

Why GLBTQ In The DCnU Will Continue To Be A Positive Step, And How We Can Help It Succeed

Why the DCnU Will Not Succeed Like It Should

Womanthology Project Blows Up on Kickstarter

Women of Comic Con talk about Wonder Woman

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