Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Dispatch

Fan Campaign for a LOIS LANE Series Gains Industry Notice

Young Justice Episodes 1 and 2
Young Justice Pilot Redux

Men are from Mars, Women are from Themyscira

Are you a woman who reads comics? Please take this survey

Ape in a Cape: Girls Do TOO Read Comics, Goddammit

Under the Sycamore Trees: Girls Do TOO Read Comics, Goddammit

Whimsical Wampish: Girls Do TOO Read Comics, Goddammit

Eff Yeah Meg White: Girls Do TOO Read Comics, Goddammit

Muse of Speed: Girls Do TOO Read Comics, Goddammit

New Age Amazon: Girls Do TOO Read Comics, Goddammit

Cool Japan chilled: Censorship rules Japan

Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy!

The most memorable moments in DC history for women:
The list to date
The preliminary voting is over and there is now a short list of the 30 memorable moments!
Nominee #1
Nominee #2
Nominee #3

Butterflies, Flowers Book 5

Kryptongirl: Untitled

New Avengers #7

Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones Heading To ABC

So excited! So scared! ABC to do Jessica Jones show

'Twilight' screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg gets a new TV gig

Melissa Rosenberg, screenwriter for the blockbuster ‘Twilight’ series, is penning a Marvel superhero project for ABC. The series will focus on Jewel, ‘AKA Jessica Jones’, a lesser-known Marvel super-heroine.

‘Twilight’ Screenwriter Bringing Marvel’s Jessica Jones to Television

Review: Ayako


2000ad & The Megazine's WOMEN OF THE YEAR
OUT/THERE: Sex & Gender In This Month In 2000 AD & Judge Dredd Megazine

Writer Hester Brings Action Following JMS on WONDER WOMAN

Chris Roberson & Phil Hester on Taking Over 'Superman' and 'Wonder Woman' From JMS

3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 004

Adventures of a Comic Book Girl: Untitled

Georgethecat: Untitled

The Last of Creatures: Untitled

Adventures of a Comic Book Girl: Untitled

Best Shots Rapid Reviews: BLACK PANTHER, SUPERGIRL, More

Nana Project #8 — Volumes 15 and 16

Highlights of this week's order.

3 Things Thursday: Ladies to look up to

ProFile Fridays: Majorie M. Liu

Favorite Female Comic Creators Of 2010 (Also here)

RIP Adrienne Roy

Announcing the next Manga Moveable Feast: Karakuri Odette

Kalinara and Ragnell Return (Comments starting here)

Why I'm Pissed Off at Paul Levitz

Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.: Batgirl’s Caped Couture

Learning to love Mary Marvel

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