Monday, December 27, 2010


CBXF Mailbag: Paul Levitz sexist?

Comic Book Fandom: FUCK YOU!!!

ComicsAlliance Top 10 Best Comics of 2010 #3 - Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour

Dan Slott: We Are Sick of Your Shit


Geek Rant 11: The Fairer Geek

Holiday Weekend Leftovers and Snowstorm post with Xmas prezzies, comic reviews, and loophole linkage!

Me+Rant=Major Issues

Non-Review Review: Wonder Woman

Odd Superheroine Out

Paul Levitz thinks that superheroes are not for girls

Supergirl, The Patron Super-Heroine of Bravery and Compassion: Kara Zor-El's Day

"That thing that inspires people" - On "AKA Jessica Jones", Empowered and Joss Whedon

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  1. Hi, I just thought I'd say thank you for the link. I do love this blog (and it's parent), so it's an honour to be linked to.

    I was, to be honest, a little nervous to discuss the gender aspect of Wonder Woman (because it kinda subtracts from the whole "Wonder" aspect to focus on the "Woman" part), but I hope I managed to avoid overdoing it.