Monday, April 16, 2012

April 15, 2012

Bazing-NO: Rant on Fake and Wannabe Nerds and The Big Bang Theory

Chicks Dig Comics

Comics: No Girls Allowed? Bah!

Coming out in Comics: Renee Montoya

DC Comics to launch digital “Ame-Comi Girls” by Conner/Grey/Palmiotti

Escher Girls: Untitled

Faking It: The 'Fake Nerd Girl' and Sexism in Geek Culture

Female Smallville fans…

Feminist Superman

Heroine Addict: Ms. Marvel Becomes Captain Marvel

Hot Girl + Nerd Culture = Poser

I'm the One That's Cool, and Nerd Bitterness

It's a New Day (Literally) & Age for DC's AME-COMI GIRLS

Marvel’s Captain Marvel: Hair and there

Not By Manga Alone, March 2012 I...Fake?????

The insular world of comics

Today Smallville Season 11 #1 comes out and here's why you need to buy it

When men "advise" women how to understand sexism
Country Boy Life: When men "advise" women how to understand sexism
Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane: Male Privilege in Comics
Misogyny in comics Part 2: When men accuse women of making things “personal” when you call them on their sexism

Will Avengers vs. X-Men Emerge As a Hugely Successful Female Team-Up Book?

"Womanthology: Heroic" is every little superhero's dream come true

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