Saturday, June 11, 2011


Event Horizon: Untitled

The Den of Captain Ziggy: Untitled

Even if I'm obscene, you can't hear it: Untitled

A Vault: Untitled

Just a few words tonight

On the Harley Factor

Why Rebooting Batgirl is a Terrible Idea

Join the Oracle Draw-a-thon!

A Conversation with Marjorie M. Liu



My origin + DC’s latest event.

Suicide Squad #1

Gail, Jill and Babs: A Conversation about BATGIRL & ORACLE

Harley Quinn Aid!: Untitled

more silver linings

Just So We’re Clear On The Whole “People Will Get Over It” Thing

What. The. Hell. DC? Harley Quinn’s New Reboot Costume

Harley in the Suicide Squad post Reboot look!

Oracle vs Batgirl

Bat Books


Your Nice New Outfit: Untitled

‘X-Men: First Class,’ Gay Rights, and the Intelligence Community

The Gay Rights Parable of X-Men: First Class Is Very Real, Says Screenwriter

A letter to Diane Nelson

Ask Chris #60: Batgirl Walks Again?

this is weird weather: Untitled

I can’t cope with how sick THIS ARTICLE IS MAKING ME FEEL

ProFile Friday Madeleine Joan Blaustein

More Oracle-related Ranting From Idgie

a utility belt full of crap and a positive outlook: more oracle-related ranting from idgie.

On Oracle And Missed Opportunities

Big Changes. Right.

WINICK Returns to Gotham for Sexy, Violent DCnU CATWOMAN

Judd Winick on Catwoman: Sexy! Violent! Sexy! Really Sexy! Did I say Sexy?

Young Justice fan art has fans at Warner Bros.

Let's just get the Oracle/Batgirl thing out of the way

Diversity in Action

Where are all the female creators, DC?

Quick Note re DC Reboot

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