Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday Batch

Boiling Point: Wonder Woman Sucks, That's Why

Can Wonder Woman Catch a Damn Break

Hayley Atwell Speaks In-Depth On 'Peggy Carter' In Captain America And More


I enjoyed the ladies of Thor

I Gotta Talk About "Wonder Woman"

Is 'Wonder Woman' Cursed?

Off My Mind: Wonder Woman was Against Women's Lib?

Opinion: Why TV Should Not Give Up on Wonder Woman

Pop Art and the Art of Comic Books

Shanna The She-Devil and Sexism

That Is Wacker than Wack

The Question of Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman Enigma


  1. My curiosity is killing me, I'm kind of wondering why the link to the boiling point article. Was it a way to set up a counterpoint? It's kind of.. creepy, especially the last bit about wanking it to WW porn >.>

  2. It's linked because it was on topic.

    If we only linked posts we agreed with, we'd have a very short linkblog.

  3. We wouldn't even link EACH OTHER'S posts half the time, would we?