Saturday, January 22, 2011


Full of Whoa: Untitled

3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 007

Today’s DC woman kicking ass is Uhura

Conventional Complaints

Best and Worst of 2010 for Women at DC Comics

It's got disco potential: Untitled


I’m sick of Chris Nolan in general, actually

Why is Captain America ruling our screens and not Wonder Woman?

DC Women Kicking Ass: Untitled

Race, Gender, and The Green Hornet

The Breast Way to Sell Your Comic

ProFile Fridays: Barbara Randall Kesel

Daughters of the Dragon: Samurai Bullets

Ladies Making Comics: Untitled

So what is that quote saying exactly?

Becoming Cass Cain: So what is that quote saying exactly?

She Has No Head! – Linda Medley’s Castle Waiting Volume II

Fangirl Friday: Sigrid Ellis

Young Justice Clip With Miss Martian

Young Justice Clip With Miss Martian

Georgethecat: Untitled

Georgethecat: Untitled

Georgethecat: Untitled

So, YJ episode 2


Emma’s 30 Days of Marvel [Day One!]

Emma’s 30 Days of Marvel [Day Two!]

Emma’s 30 Days of Marvel [Day 3]

Marvel Marketing Pisses Me Off Again

Scarlet Twilight could have used a parallax view.

Most Memorable Moments of Marvel Women – Preliminary Polls Day 5 (Closed Polls: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4)

NBC Picks Up David E. Kelley's 'Wonder Woman', Michael Patrick King's Drama

'Wonder Woman' project finds a home at NBC

Total Randomness: Untitled

Becoming Cass Cain: Untitled

Geek Marketing to Girls goes mainstream

Penny Arcade, Profit, Rape Culture and Gaming Culture

Women in Comics

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