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Amethyst Princess of Gemworld Reboot Blog Reaction Round-up

Wiscon Report 2012 (Minus All the Cheese Curds)

Q&A #160: Who would you queer?

I Fucking Love Kate Beaton’s Strong Female Characters Thing

The real problem of the cover of Catwoman #0

Certain Shades of Limelight: Untitled

Catwoman – The Impossible Contortionist!

Artists Respond to DC's Back-Breaking 'Catwoman' #0 Cover

Op/Ed: The Catwoman #0 Cover

Quote of the day | ‘As a person with eyes, I am a little offended’

The Great Feminist Manga and Anime List: Fullmetal Alchemist

Kevin Keller faces anti-gay bully in latest issue of Archie Comics series

Previews for Gays, June 2012

Overthinking the Underthought Pt. 2

Reader Spotlight: Heather Marino-Stotland

On Second Thought, I Really Don’t Like Wonder Woman, Part 1

On Second Thought, I Really Don’t Like Wonder Woman, Part 2

Women of the DCU Who Deserve Their Own Films

Just Trust Me On This One: Why Monica Rambeau Needs To Be In The Next Avengers Movie

Motherfucker of Babylon: Untitled

Women At DC Comics Watch – September 2012 Solicits

Year 1971: The Butterfly

Dear Sir, Regarding Your Affection for A Compacted Catwoman

Ms. Magazine (and Wonder Woman) 40 years later

Round Four: Harassment and the Geek Blogosphere

DC Love - Male/Female Friendships

Smallville Season 11: That wasn’t a girl Robin - it was a girl Nightwing and her name is …

Wonder Woman Sales: #9 Drops 10 Spots, Down Over 3%

Here’s a first look at the new Amethyst

Helena Wayne: Untitled

Stephanie Brown is Back

Refuge in Audacity: Untitled

ProFile Friday Joan Hilty

Womanthology: Gender Is the Least Interesting Thing About This All-Female Comics Anthology

American Comic: Womanthology Heroic (English)

Certain Shades of Limelight: Untitled

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Miranda Mercury

On Shipping and Fanboys
On Shipping, Fanboys, and Feminism (Again)

Escher Girls: Untitled

Escher Girls: Untitled (2)
From Race Cars to Donuts
Escher Girls: Untitled (3)
From One Former Fifteen Year Old Boy to Another: Piss Off

Ape in a Cape: Untitled

Certain Shades of Limelight: Untitled
Certain Shades of Limelight: Untitled (2)

The Problem Of Women In Comics: Where They Are (and Aren't) [Opinion]

Thoughts on Gay Marriage, Comics and Representation

Ask Chris #108: The Trouble With 'Gunsmith Cats'

Geek Girl On The Street Reports: I Am (Intelligent) Woman, Hear Me Phowar!

Steph could’ve been the answer

The other side of the argument and then some…

Of Rivers Wide: Untitled

Me: Untitled

Who is it Really For?

Emily S. Whitten: It’s Hard Out There for a (Fan)girl, part 1 – I Would Like to Buy a Shirt, Please

Women in Comics: DC vs Marvel, The Bechdel Test (comments)

Helena Wayne: Untitled

Year 1969: Vampirella

Out Today: Wonder Woman, Volume One: Blood

And Now a Little Something for the *Ladies*…

New DC Video Game headlines Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn

New DC Comics Promotional Bookmark

The Year in Comics, Week 21: Spandex: Fast and Hard by Martin Eden

What's Wrong With You? The Gay and DC Comics

Why Superman should be gay (or at least bi-sexual)

Green Lantern is gay - That's a good thing

Alan Scott Links

This is just a few links, but really this one is as big as Batwoman, so I decided to split it out. Feel free to drop anything pertinent in the comments for the next roundup. --R

The Mystery Is Over

Green Lantern comes out as gay in DC Comics' 'Earth Two'

The Most Clueless Online Reactions To Green Lantern Being Gay

DC Makes it Official - Alan Scott, Green Lantern of Earth 2, is Gay

My Last Word On This

Great Scott

One Million Moms drops off Facebook after Green Lantern post backfires

Green Lantern revived as gay hero

Green Lantern relaunched as brave, mighty and gay

Green Lantern and Alan Scott catch fire on Twitter


Alan Scott...?

Earth Two’s Green Lantern Is Gay OR People Who Didn’t Know Who Alan Scott Was Yesterday Are Mysteriously Outraged

I’m Not Mad, Just Disappointed